Main products including Diesel Generator Set, HFO Generator Set, Gas Generator Set, Electric Heat Tracing system and its complete systems, aimed for the industries such as mining, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, power, aviation , national defense, food and civil engineering, long-term commitment to the development, design and production of power supply, electric heating and its supporting products, their customers range many countries and regions all over the world. Through dozens of years of unremitting efforts, PAT-TECH has the ability to independently provide the engineering design, production, completion, supply and on-site commissioning services of the whole set of power plant to meet the customer's requirements, and is able to provide the long-time operation and maintenance services as requested by their Customers.

PAT-TECH Group Beijing Office has ISO9001:2015 qualification. 

As the agent of PAT POWER EQUIPMENT (TIANJIN) LIMITED, the company is responsible for all matters related to the promotion, quotation, negotiation, sales, and after-sales of all diesel generator sets and accessories and other products in the domestic and international markets of the factory!

Letter of Authorization