Transportable: Easily moving and loading

Fast Construction: Short construction time

Safety: Steel structure, wind proof and shock proof

Beautiful Appearance: Enclosure color is optional

Durability: Steel plate outer wall, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, fully weather proof, service life more than 20 years

Low Cost: High cost performance

Heating and cooling function can be designed

E-house E-house
In addition to the functions of automatic start and stop, automatic switch-over, the Master Control System of power station is equipped with various fault alarms and automatic protection devices, which are connected with the Central Control System through the communication interface for centralized monitoring, remote control, remote signaling and telemetry, and unattended.
Master Control System Master Control System


The purification effect is obvious, and there is no black smoke by visual inspection

Continuous automatic regeneration to avoid trouble of filter element cleaning

Bypass safety valve designed to ensure normal operation of generator set under abnormal conditions

Fully automatic control, simple operation, HMI can conduct human-machine interface

Low energy consumption, no secondary pollution

Beautiful appearance and solid structure

Simple maintenance and low maintenance cost.

Purification System Purification System

As the fuel storage tank of diesel power station, fuel tank has strong corrosion resistance and is equipped with level instrument

Thick wall steel structure with high external pressure strength

Bulk Tank Bulk Tank