The state-of-the-art technology incorporated offers impressively low fuel consumption, low emissions and long service intervals. The extensive added value service also helps you to reduce the engineering complexity


To meet the requirements of power installation capacity, gas composition and specific project requirements, PaT-Tech provides Gas Generators including Perkins series, YUCHAI series while some of the engines originated in China. The engines, which are manufactured by world famous manufacturer, have the advantages of small dimensions, light weight, low noise and reliable operation, so are ideal prime mover used for power Generators.


1.P(G) generators are PAT Gas engine generators, details refer to the offer

2. Gas generators can be designed for natural gas, sewage gas, biogas, landfill gas and coal bed gas, the calculation and designs will be madebased on methane concentration.

3. The above models are mainly summarized, other models may be proposed to meet customer requirements

4. Power Factor is 0.8 lagged

5.Frequency is 50Hz, while 60Hz generators are available

6. Engine speed is 1000RPM or 750RPM, while 720RPM for 60Hz, 1500RPM or 1800RPM is available for upon request

7. All models are applicable for long term continuous operation

8. PAT is able to provide CCHP and other affiliated equipment to meet customer requirement


Gas or HFO Continuous Operation System

Power Distribution

Internal power demand and power distribution to local customers, grid or utility as required

Gas or HFO Generators

Natural Gas, Coal Gas, Sewage Gas or Heavy Fuel Gas generators

Electricity efficiency ranges 40-44%Total  efficiency  over  88%  while  30‐40%  for traditional power stations 

Lithium Bromide Unit

High Temp smoke gas, block coolant and coolant from intercooler for further cooling process

Smoke gas treated for clean flue gas

Cooling tower is assistant to cool the coolant

End Consumers

Distributed Power System and CCHP System are applicable to Hospital, Airport, Railway & Bus Station, Hotel, Data Center, Industrial Area, Factory and Aquaculture Industry and Mine etc.


To shorten installation progress on the site, enclosure gas generator as well as synchronization equipment can be provided except open type generators, where all the equipment will be factory performance and function tested. Gas fueled generators can be custom designed and custom made complete generator generators including engine generator, completely integrated gas generator and large scale project.



2.Exhaust boiler

3.Desulfurization equipment

4.Heat-sink cooling equipment

5.Oil house

6.Pump room

7.Maintenance workshop and storage


Shantahar HFO Power Station 50MW, in Bangladesh

hfo2    hfo3    hfo4

Data sheet download:HFO GENERATOR