MI Mineral Insulation Heating System


Mineral Insulated High Temperature

Constant Output

Impact Resistant,Heavy DutyAlloy 825 Sheath

Exposure Temperature to above 800℃

Any Design Voltage Up to 600 Volt

High Watt Densities Available

Industrial Freeze Protection 

Suitable for Hazardous Areas,Div.1 and Div.2

Single and Two Conductor Cables Available


Tank Heating

High Temperature Process Maintenance

Long, Single Circuit Runs

Cryogenic Applications

Freeze Protection

MI mineral insulated heating cable is ideal for rugged industrial pipe tracing applications. Its tough outer sheath of Alloy 825 resists damage during installation and provides a reliable electrical ground for safe operation. MI cable will not burn or support combustion All materials are inorganic and Will not deteriorate with age.

MI cable is made with either one or two conductors. insulated with compacted magnesium oxide for high dielectric strength Cable assemblies are custom made at the factory to meet your specific needs.

Construction :

Resistance wire-one or two resistance Wires

Insulation-High grade densely compacted mineral insulation

Sheath -Heavy Duty Alloy 825 Metallic Sheath


Cable set configurations


MI Mineral Insulated High Temperature (cont’d)

able Design for Pipes

Step 1 - Heater Design Determine heater design to use. Design D is usually the most convenient design using two conductor cable.

Step 2 - Heat Loss(W/M) Use the value calculated from Technical section- Heat Loss Calculations, Pipe & Tank Tracing.

Step 3 - Cable Length (L) Use the length calculated from Application & Selections Guidelines in this section.

Step 4 - Supply Voltage Available (V) Determine what voltage is available. When different voltages are available, it provides multiple cable choices which may result in a more accurate design.

Step 5 - Calculate Resistance per Meter(R/M)


Step 6 - Select the Meter(R/M) Rating Choose a cable having equal or the next lower resistance per Meter value from Ordering Information Table, next page

Step 7 - Calculate Actual W/M. and total wattage (W)


Step 8 - Determine Current Draw(I)


Step 9 - select Heater Single or Double Conductor Cold Lead Length The cold lead length is determined by the customer or by using a nominal 1.0 Meter. All cold leads are 6.0~8.0mm WG with 40 Amp maximum current capacity

Step 10 - Convert Design to a Model Number

Or dering Information  

To Order-Complete the Model Number using the Matrix provided. If applicable,specify


Data sheet download:MI