Transformer E-house is widely used in the construction and transformation of 10-110kv small and medium-sized substation (distribution) in urban and rural areas, factories and mines, and mobile operation substation due to its advantages of flexible combination, convenient transportation, transportation, convenient installation, short construction period, low operation cost, small land occupation pollution-free and maintenance free.


Transportable: Easily moving and loading

Fast Construction: Short construction time

Safety: Steel structure, wind proof and shock proof

Beautiful Appearance: Enclosure color is optional

Durability: Steel plate outer wall, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, fully weather proof, service life more than 20 years

Low Cost: High cost performance

Heating and cooling function can be designed

Anti-static floor and high flame retardant interior to ensure the normal operation and safety of communication equipment

Prefabricated E-House is a prefabricated walk-in modular steel structure, which can accommodate MV and LV switchgear and auxiliary equipment. E-House can be directly installed, which can achieve the shortest time of on-site installation, commissioning and start-up. It is a high-quality and efficient alternative to the traditional on-site civil substation and electrical room (for example, concrete, civil building, etc.)

Close coordination with major suppliers in designing and manufacturing to facilitate system integration. Overall testing of E-House including all its components prior to shipment to minimize risk on site. Its mobility makes installation and movement easier, more convenient, and more economical. E-House can be installed close to the main load, which can reduce the size and length of power and control cables, as well as the energy loss

E-House is becoming more and more popular in the fields of power generation, oil, natural gas, mining and process industries. It is very suitable for projects that need to reduce the amount of on-site construction, especially in remote areas where shortage of skilled people, expensive labor and difficult to manage. It can be customized according to the needs of users